Brownsburg Grant Project Sponsored by Bill Estes Automotive

Brownsburg Makerspace at Brownsburg East Middle School and Brownsburg West Middle School
Makerspace – a general term for a place where people get together to make things. Makerspaces might focus on electronics, robotics, woodworking, sewing, laser cutting, programming, or some combination of these skills.  (Makers, Chris Anderson, 2015)
Middle school Gateway to Technology (GTT) teachers Cathy Brinkerhoff and Norm Gwaltney applied for this BEF grant to acquire an additional 3-D printer for each school.
How does a 3-D printer work? Students design a three-dimensional object, create a 3-D design file which The Brownsburg Makerspace, with modern modeling and design tools, will allow students the opportunity to create, experiment and acquire new skills. The process of making will demonstrate desired outcomes for 21st Century skills. As makers, students will be able to contribute, communicate and collaborate on real world projects.
They will utilize technology and apply STEM skills in the development of projects following the design process. is like a blueprint, and then the printer builds it, one layer at at time.
One way the 3-D printers will be used in the curriculum is by having students research, sketch, design and model (print) parts for a skateboard. In the past, 8th grade students have built skateboards, but were limited to making them out of wood. With the printers they can now draft their idea and then print their final part in ABS plastic. This is just one example of the many ways these printers will be used.