2017 Thanksgiving Grocery Giveaway

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It is the season of giving and we are proud to announce that Bill Estes Automotive will be sponsoring “Taking Care of Those Families in Need” 2017 Thanksgiving grocery giveaway in partnership with Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

The Peyback foundation began the grocery giveaway 14 years ago and last year, Peyton asked the Estes Automotive team to continue the tradition. The Thanksgiving giveaway took place on Tuesday, November 21 at Riverside Park in Indianapolis.

The Bill Estes Team packed and prepared the groceries and food Tuesday afternoon at Gleaners Food Bank. The groceries were then distributed to families in need. Because of this hard work and generosity, these families had a special Thanksgiving meal.

Over 1000 families were chosen through various community agencies. Each family was given a voucher to turn in and redeem their Thanksgiving groceries at the park. The Thanksgiving meal included a ham, fresh potatoes, macaroni, rolls, vegetables, and much more!

The Bill Estes Automotive team is proud to support families in need and we hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!