HendricksGO! Medical Transport

Hendricks Regional Health Foundations fundraising efforts have been directed to an innovative service called HendricksGO! medical transport for the last few years. With great help from Bill Estes Automotive, Hendricks purchased a Ford Transit Van that is able to accommodate wheelchairs, oxygen, and other patient transportation needs. As you may know, public transportation is very limited in Hendricks County.
Henrick medical providers find that many people with limited transportation options are not getting the care they need and delay treatment because they are unable to get to their appointments. Often this results in expensive emergency room visits, unneeded hospitalization, or negative impact for their treatment and therapy. If someone needs chemo, radiation, or IV infusion right away, they have no where to turn. That’s why Hendricks Regional Health Foundation decided to raise funds to purchase a van dedicated to this purpose – getting people to and from their medical appointments.
The collaboration between Hendricks Regional Health and Bill Estes Automotive on this project goes beyond ordering and assisting with details for the vehicle. Bill Estes has made a commitment to provide regular and ongoing service for the vehicle for as long as it is on the road.  Hendricks is excited about the arrival of their new van , and anticipate it will be on the road this summer to serve those who need it most.